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Theme :“The Role of Youth to Establish Peace, Toward a Future World without Violent Radicalization”

The problem is happening right now as never leaving the participation of youth in building the independence of a nation. The challenge of globalization requires the youth to continue to encourage the nation to independence could be in line with other nations, namely the aspect of civilization and science.
Youth have a role and strategic position in the configuration of the nation, based on 2006 SUSENAS data, the number of young people in Indonesia in 2006 reached 80.8 million people or 36.4 percent of the total population of 401 million young men and 40.7 million female youth mental .
Since the time of fighting for independence from Indonesia in 1945 from the colonizers, youth have an important historical role and sustainable way of life of the nation. youth is always performed with a pioneering spirit, warrior figure and the unsung patriotism in carrying change and renewal. It is evident from every movement is always dominant and the monumental.
One of the monumental work of Indonesian youth movement is Boedi Utomo (May 20, 1908) who later celebrated as the national revival, the Youth Oath (October 28, 1928), Event birth of the movement into a proof that Indonesian youth have the initiative to change the nation’s civilization.
Indonesia with the various problems facing the nation is one example of a third democratic nation in the world , many countries are amazed by the youth movement, especially in the transition period the new order of power. A step that might not happen but the difficulties are real, not imaginary. But the difficulties were no more frightening than the difficulties faced when the newly independent Indonesia. After all, this country has recorded remarkable record in dealing with these issues successfully.
This is what ultimately inspired the international community who also have complex problems ranging from problems of promiscuity, drugs, global warming phenomenon, disharmonitas and natural distabilitas become a serious threat to the existence of a society against the world at this moment. Serious effort is needed and action to deal with the problem above. in this context that the Indonesian youth and youth forum – women inter-faith, country and culture as the world had an important role to find a constructive alternative solutions, participation in efforts to create world peace.
From the above we may conclude that “It’s Time for the Younger The Lead” because he has a soul more radical changes, and Dynamic is able to change the paradigm of the nation into a better direction. World peace is an issue that is phenomenal right now to create the stability in various fields of life ranging from the economy, health and education. All the youth of Indonesia and the international youth have to glue themselves to design the strategy and positioning sense that the configuration of the youth in the life of the nation, in direct contact with the face in the future.karimaberkarya.wordpress.com


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